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Peru Update

Before we update you on the progress taking place in Peru, we want to introduce you to the Krochet Kids intl. staff member that is doing all the work. If you were at one of our fundraising galas, you were introduced to the Goodfellow family. Blake (top right) has been an advisor and friend to KKi for many years. He and his wife Sarah were looking for an opportunity to live abroad and work with under-served populations and they immediately expressed interest when this new opportunity in Peru came about. Needless to say, they got the job. Blake's knowledge of our programs and his shared desire to empower people to rise above poverty made him a perfect fit for the position. Since January, Blake has been networking with local organizations and visiting a plethora of communities in an effort to identify how our organization can truly help in the best way possible. In the work that we do, helping to develop people in all aspects of their lives, it's imperative that we take the time to understand our role within new project areas. We are getting very close to identifying the community we will be working in. The model of our programs will look similar to those in Uganda: equipping individuals with the education and resources so that they may go on to have self-reliant jobs outside of KKi. This is what we believe to be true empowerment. Our goal is to start our Peru program at some point this summer, but in order to do that, we need to complete the goal we set forth with One Day's Wages. We are over two-thirds of the way to our goal and this money will serve as the start-up capital necessary to launch this program into a self-sustaining future.


Lastly, keep an eye out for your opportunity to purchase the very first hats out of Peru. Our model (Blake's youngest daughter) below is showcasing a sample hat. (NOTE: this is one of many potential samples. You'll have to wait and see what the final hat will be.)


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