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Handpicked Hoots


A New Approach to the Most-Loved Owl Beanie

At the close of every year, it's common for us to have excess inventory of yarn and supplies at our empowerment projects. At Krochet Kids Uganda where we create many of our crocheted products, the excess yarn is typically catalogued and stored for future use, and over the years we've built up an impressive archive of yarn in almost every color you can imagine. This year, we wanted to put that yarn to good use. We opened the doors to our excess yarn room and invited the ladies in our program at KK Uganda to sort through our excess yarn, choose a their favorite colors, and create a 'Hoot' owl beanie with their choices. We felt that it would be a great way to repurpose our excess inventory and an amazing exercise in creativity for the women in our program. By giving them to opportunity to design their own 'Hoot' beanie, each beneficiary is exploring her own ingenuity and discovering the power of making a vision a reality. These beanies are incredibly special, and we are so excited to have these beanies join our collection of children's products. We call these owl-inspired beanies 'Handpicked Hoots' and while every one is a little different, each is hand-signed by the lady who not only made it, but participated in designing it as well. Your child can learn the value of making a difference in the lives of other's while looking incredibly cute in their new beanie. Choose your size and enjoy the surprise of the brand new 'Handpicked Hoot' below! owl-beanie owl-beanie owl-beanie owl-beanie


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