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Out of the Office, Into the Compound

KKPeru's Little Niños Tami, Veronica and Patty are Krochet Kids Peru’s childcare workers. They lovingly care for approximately 35 kids daily. KKPeru offers this childcare to our ladies for 1 sol a day, or approximately 40 cents. This enables the ladies to afford childcare so they can maintain a job and help to provide for their families. This empowerment offers a more holistic approach to helping the family as a whole. KKPeru recently moved the childcare location to the bottom level of a home: a 20-second walk from work. Having the children so close allows mothers with infants and toddlers the opportunity to work as well. Over lunch, the ladies eat with their children or catch a bus to pick the older children up from school. Afternoons are busiest for Tami, Veronica, and Patty, as the older children need direction on their homework, and the younger children still want to play! There’s never a dull moment in KKP’s childcare, and everyday is brightened with the children’s smiling faces.


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