Out of the Office, Into the Compound

  • by Kohl Crecelius
Regaining Hope for the Future Lucy Elizabeth Santibanez Gutierrez is one of the first faces you’ll see each morning at Krochet Kids Peru. Small, radiant lady grinning ear to ear, shouting buenos dias with a kiss. She grew up in the mountains and attended nursing school. After years of education and working side jobs to pay the fees, she was traveling to purchase her final diploma papers and legal documents when she was robbed. Robbed of everything; her money, diploma, dreams and spirit. She was forced to start over, working side jobs once again. She lost hope for her future and worked only to better her daughter’s life. Lucy was offered a job with KKP, and started as one of our first knitters. Over the next year she moved up to a group leader position and then recently received a promotion to Assistant Knitter. She now leads and manages her fellow knitters in making Peru’s amazing products. Empowering Lucy with a stable job and loving environment has enabled her to regain hope. Women like Lucy are what continue to motivate what we do here at Krochet Kids intl.

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