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Out of the Office, into the Compound

We’re so excited to now have 122 ladies working at our compound in Uganda! What an awesome addition of smiles in our latest photo from Uganda. Keep your eyes open for updates on our newest ladies and new products coming out for Fall/Winter! GROUP PHOTO | With all the excitement of visitors and new faces here at the compound in Northern Uganda, a new group photo was definitely in order. After a last minute gathering, and one delicate climb up a pretty rickety ladder, a photo including the new and old beneficiaries, interns, mentors, managers, staff and even Kohl our CEO was captured. Eve, one of the compound's dogs snuck herself in too! I set the photo to my computer background because as the women turn in hats throughout the day, or just stop by to say hi, one of their favorite things is to catch a peek at the group photo and try to spot themselves. Group photos are always a hit! -Hannah


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