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Out of the Office, into the Compound

February 3, 2011 "Once a month our ladies gather together for a debate hosted by our Program Mentors. These debates are awesome because the ladies themselves put them into motion and the debates gives them a space and time to be free with their thoughts and opinions. This month’s debate was on whether a woman who is making money should entrust all of her finances to her husband for him to budget as he see’s fit or if the woman should play a role in the budgeting and finances for their family. The ladies elect chairwomen to represent their sides and the mentors organize the questions and regulate the flow of debate. They also encourage every woman to participate and give their opinion. It’s so cool to not only see empowerment happen but to hear it happen as they debate. Ladies will set down their crochet hook and yarn, stand up and speak their mind on the topic. Our crocheters are able to discuss the issues that they want to discuss while at work and receive solid counsel from our mentors as they guide the debates." - David


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