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Out of the Office, into the Compoud

BIKE DAY! We are blessed with an amazing local staff and as an organization we are now able to offer much more than a job for these ladies. One of the more tangible resources that we are able to provide is the opportunity to take out a bicycle loan. Our Program Director, Dominique, connected us with a local bike supplier and had the manager bring in 2 different styles of bikes, both in Men's and Women's frame, for the ladies to check out. Each crocheter, tailor, and compound staff member was able to pick a bicycle that fit their needs and wants. Some of the beneficiaries walk 45 minutes or more to work, most of them carrying a child on their backs. These bicycles allow them to get to work faster and easier, and allow them to ride their baby to work with them. Each beneficiary was able to take out a loan to pay for the bicycle in full. They will then begin the process of paying back the loan in small increments that fit their ability over the course of 7 months with a very small percentage of interest added. This helps teach them the principals of a loan; including making payments and accounting for some interest. 45 new bicycles were purchased that day, creating 45 new stories of easier transportation to and from work, around town, and to their village homes. 45 women empowered to break a dependability on Boda Boda taxis or struggling to carry their babies on the long walks. 45 minds blessed with a gift of knowledge and confidence through the loan process. 45 hearts warmed by the ability to provide for themselves through their continued hard work and dedication. -David


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