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Out of the Office, into the Compound

Travis' Trip I was privileged to be able to take a trip to visit Krochet Kids Uganda last month. The purpose of my visit was to help streamline our production processes so we can continue to deliver quality products to our amazing customers around the globe. It was very moving and inspiring to see how our program has grown and improved since I was there last. My time spent in Uganda previously consisted of 10 women in the Krochet Program, 1 Ugandan Staff, and using our garage to store all the hats. Today, there are 150 women crocheting in Northern Uganda, led by 10 Ugandan Staff and a production facility that stretches nearly the length of a football field. A few highlights from my trip included seeing our entire production process from point A to Z. Seeing baby Travis (my namesake who Akello Mary named after me). Seeing Sean Aldridge (our production Manager) explain a new top secret product to all the ladies. Thank you for your constant support. It has brought so much dignity and hope for the women in Uganda. -Travis Co-founder, CFO


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