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Our Next Project: PERU

(Monday, January 31) -- Today, we are excited to announce a brand new project area we are launching in Lima, Peru! We will be working with impoverished women and families to offer the similar programs & empowerment we have seen in Northern Uganda. The products and headwear to come from this new area will be made up of some of the finest materials found in South America, and will fund this project for years to come. Get ready... We are inviting you into this story at a very early stage, because we are going to need your help to kickstart this program toward a self-sustaining future. We are partnering with fellow grassroots organization - ONE DAY'S WAGES - and asking you to consider donating the equivalent to one day's worth of your wages to provide wages for impoverished women in Peru. Through this platform you can also start a campaign to rally your community in support of this new project. Here is an example project set up by one of our lovely interns. CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR PERU PROJECT PAGE CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR PARTNER PAGE ON ONE DAY'S WAGES


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