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Original "Krochet Kids" Article

Krochet Kids original article from Spokane, WA The Spokesman Review - February 6, 2003 As many of you know, the beginning of our work building our brand and our product started long before we even set foot in Uganda to start our programs there. Our interest in starting a headwear brand began when we were in high school and my older brother (a.k.a. 'the Godfather') taught me how to crochet. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest beanies were always a way of life. We started making our own, creating custom hats for our friends, and buying sheets of canvas at the local craft store to cut and make labels with hand-drawn back to back K's (note: our moms sewed the labels on at first). We were the Krochet Kids. Here is the original article written by our hometown paper in Spokane, WA about our early shenanigans as entrepreneurs. Without this initial experience and interest in creating product we wouldn't have been able to have the vision to empower people around the world through job creation and employment. Or at least we wouldn't have known what to do in order to help. Don't doubt that your skills and experiences can be used to impact the world. If not now, then later. Keep learning and doing what you're passionate about. Here's to humble beginnings. -Kohl


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