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Out of the Office, into the Compound

Family Support Workshop Here at Krochet Kids we strive to empower people to rise above poverty. We get to provide our current 87 ladies with a fair and consistent wage, offer them weekly trainings, and create opportunities for them to learn more and empower themselves. But sometimes we get the amazing opportunity to do more than that. Last week our Program staff here at Krochet Kids Uganda hosted a “Family Support Workshop” on our compound. They invited all of the male family members, spouses, and guardians to come out for a tour of the compound and to let them see what the ladies do day in and day out. Our Program Director Dominic gave them a complete breakdown of our program, explained the core values of Krochet Kids, and opened up topics of discussion centered on the idea of better helping the ladies. Krochet Kids wants to improve the quality of life for complete households, not only the ladies that work on the compound, and the best way for us to do that is to partner with the important males that are involved in the women’s lives. Topics discussed included: gender violence in the home, household budgeting, and sharing domestic responsibilities. “Our family members have all benefitted from Krochet Kids Uganda, in terms of education being funded, health related issues, and the feeding of the family as well as clothes.” – Abili Raymond. Brother-in-law to Achan Grace “From Ober’s income, our household has been enabled to solve basic family needs and through the Village Savings and Loans Association we are saving for the future.” – Ober Justin. Husband to Ober Florence The ladies, the men, and all of our staff were encouraged by the information and ideas that were exchanged. We are joining together with families to insure a better life for the ladies in the program and we all learned something about how to better love each other. -David


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