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Out of the Office, into the Compound

Sunday's New Home We have six incredible mentors here at the compound who work one on one with the ladies in areas of personal development. This is the time when real life change is happening for the women. The ladies receive encouragement and counsel for future dreams and plans, or can ask guidance on situations at home with a spouse, child, or medical issues. At the end of each month, our mentors report back to us with great stories of change. Mentor Christine, Dominic and I went to visit Akech Sunday's new home today. Check out the photos; what an accomplishment! Akech Sunday made each brick by hand, building this home from the ground up... pretty awesome if you ask me! Keep watch for more on these stories of change coming the in next few weeks. -Hannah CLICK HERE TO VISIT AKECH SUNDAY'S PROFILE
The hut Sunday and her family lived in before.


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