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Nordstrom x KKi

If you are curious about how a Krochet Kids intl. hat might fit or what the threads may feel like or if you are wondering what Betty's Signature looks like then let me kill your curiosity . . . As of a few days ago, you can walk through the doors of any Nordstrom department store across the nation and see, touch, and try on Krochet Kids intl. hats to your hearts content. We here at Krochet Kids could not be more excited about working with the Rail and BP departments within Nordstrom as they have come alongside Krochet Kids to support what we are doing in Africa. Their involvement in our business was a contributing factor to the tremendous growth KKi has experienced this year. For example, this time last year there were ten ladies crocheting, today there are 87! We have been completely humbled by the Nordstrom employees that understand what KKi is doing and excited that they are now contributing to the story of change. Now more than ever buy a hat and you are not only changing a life, but entire communities now! For every hat we sell within Nordstrom is proof to the world that you care about where your products come from and who made them. CHECK OUT THE RETAIL LOCATOR TO FIND A STORE NEAR YOU & SEND US PICTURES OF HATS IN YOUR LOCAL STORE (like these ones)


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