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Name Your Price. Define Your Impact.

** UPDATE: the NAME YOUR PRICE. DEFINE YOUR IMPACT. event ended at 9 am PST on November 20, 2014. ** Still visit to interact and learn more about the initiative.

Today is the day!

We're giving you the chance to name your price on many Krochet Kids intl. products TODAY ONLY. Our goal has always been to find meaningful ways to connect you with the women who make all KK intl. products. Every item is hand-signed by the lady who made it and you can get to know our beneficiaries through their online profiles, because we believe that products have worth because the people behind them do. Today when we say NAME YOUR PRICE. DEFINE YOUR IMPACT., it's our hope that people would pause during this busy holiday shopping season and take a moment to think about who made their products. We want to start a conversation about the ways people interact with their product and we want to provide a positive example of knowing the direct impact of your purchase. Some people have told us that we are crazy for allowing online shoppers to name their price, and we may be, but the conversation we are hoping to spark with this idea is important enough to take a risk and get people talking. For 24 hours STARTING NOW, you can name your price on over 200 items in our online shop. What is it worth to you to know WHO makes your products?


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