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Messages of Gratitude



In this season of giving and gratitude, we wanted to share a few heartfelt thank you notes supporters sent the ladies in our program during the month of December. Some received their KK intl. products as Christmas gifts or purchased them to stay warm during their winter adventures, but they all ended up on the Meet the Ladies page, where they learned the story of the woman who made their product. Read on for messages of thanks, and don't forget to send a note to the lady who made your product! Beatriz_Tucta_04 Beatriz, My close friend bought me the bag you made for Christmas! I am so grateful to have the bag you handmade! It is so beautiful and I love everything it stands for! My friend bought it for me because I just became a second grade teacher and I needed a bag to carry all my books in for class. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful and special bag. Your story is inspiring and I hope one day you do get to start your own business! When I’m teaching and I look down on the bag you made, I will always be reminded of your hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Thank you for that constant inspiration. I hope you and your son are having a wonderful holiday season! All my best, Robin Taylor Beatriz_Tucta_05 Beatriz, I received a bag made by you from my parents for Christmas this year. It is absolutely beautiful. I can tell how much hard work you put into it and I’m so happy to have this bag, made by you. Thanks again, Tamara Akongo Christine (Krochet Kids intl.'s conflicted copy 2014-09-20) Dear Christine, My husband received your hat as part of his December Birchbox subscription. I immediately fell in love with it and claimed it for myself before we could even get it out of the plastic wrap. It’s so warm and comfortable and totally stylish. Thank you for sharing your talents. I pray that you have continued success and are able to have your own business one day. God’s blessings to you. Akongo_Christine_Label Akongo Christine: I want to thank you so much!! The work you did was amazing. I love it and I love your story that goes with it. May you be very blessed. The Lord is using a great voice for persevering and overcoming obstacles. Thank you again, Dylan Silvana_Poppe_4 Hello Silvana, Your skillful hands crafted the soft and lovely beanie that my thoughtful friend, Kris gave me for Christmas this year. I love it! Your work is refined and excellent and I thank you for the love and care you put into it. I am grateful to know that you made it by hand and that you are making your dreams come true becoming an entrepreneur. I am doing the same and I feel that we and our kind are in a sisterhood of women taking action to make our lives and therefore the whole world a better place. Namasté, Gillian Silvana PoppeSig1 Silvana, Your craftsmanship is amazing. I absolutely love my World’s Greatest Beanie. Thank you for being an inspiration to your family and never giving up! Lamunu Grace Hi Lamunu! Thank you so very much for making my tuque! I absolutely love it and am wearing it today as it is -11 degrees here in Kelowna British Columbia Canada.You make beautiful products and will be ordering more in the near future! Happy New year Christy Lamunu Grace, Signature Thank you for the lovely hat Lamunu, it’s perfect for the cold weather here in Virginia, USA. I am so thankful to know exactly who made this hat, it’s so incredibly well made. I will share your story and the wonderful quality of your work with everyone. Thank you!


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