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You can meet the lady who made your product...

We know a lot of you received new KKi hats, scarves, and laptop cases for the holidays. We also know that you have been enjoying those products immensely since receiving them. But what we wanted to be sure of is that you have looked inside those products to see the signature of the lady who made them. In our MEET THE LADIES section on our website you can search the ladies name that is inside your hat, and write her a thank you note. We will deliver these notes to our friends in Uganda and they are going to be stoked to learn you are wearing their creations! If you are having trouble reading the hand-signed name, there is a picture of the lady's signature in the upper right hand corner of each individual profile. You can type in the part of the name that is legible and then search from there. Some of these ladies are learning to write for the first time, so their signatures will only get more clear! :)


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