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Meet: 'the Berlin'

winter scarf

With the arrival of our Holiday 2015 collection, we welcomed an abundance of new styles including 'the Berlin'. Among the new scarves, 'the Berlin' quickly stood out as a favorite thanks to it's rich color options, unique pattern, and extra-soft texture. Our Lead Designer Tina explained that her inspiration for the winter-ready textile of 'the Berlin' comes from traditional Scandinavian artwork, specifically those featuring snowflakes. The scarf is also adorned with tassels and the perfect length for bundling up or wearing as a complement to light layers. winter scarf winter scarf winter scarf 'the Berlin' is knit using high-quality machines at KK Peru. These machines are hand-powered, and each panel is crafted one row of thread at a time. This process requires attention to detail and a high level of care for the delicate yarn and intricate pattern. The result is a beautiful scarf that is both an example of fine craftsmanship and the impact of our program. Each one is knit by a lady in our program, and complete with their signature. No matter what product you have, you can meet the lady that made your item here and leave her a thank you note. winter scarf winter scarf winter scarf


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