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Letters to Uganda

An awesome way for you to connect with the lady in Uganda who made your hat is by writing a thank you letter to her through our website. Using the name on the inside tag of your hat, you can find your lady's profile, read about her dreams and learn how you've empowered her through your purchase. We love seeing the responses and encouragement that you guys send to the ladies! Here's one 'thank you' that stood out to us:
Adong Jackline, Jackline, I just got your gorgeous hat in the mail. I could not wait to find out the woman that made my hat and I was happy to find out that such a beautiful woman took her time to make it for me. It will be a great hat to wear in the cold Connecticut winters, even though I am wearing it right now in the middle of the summer. I hope life for you is getting better, and I wish you luck on buying that plot of land. All my wishes to you and your family. - Jaclyn Vancour
Haven't thanked your lady yet? Write your 'thank you' here!


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