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LEGACY // The Changing Face of Northern Uganda

Legacy Through the Eyes of Our Mentors

Over the last ten years of our work, a huge pillar of our success has been our mentors. These women are local to the communities we work in and help beneficiaries hone their skills, build relationships, and achieve success outside of our programs. Through group trainings, home visits, and one-on-one interaction, our mentors are facilitators of change. Christine has worked as a mentor at KK Uganda for several years, and in that time has seen a shift in her community, specifically sparked by the women that enter and eventually graduate from our programs. These legacies are created by not only the women in our programs, but our incredible staff that help cultivate the seeds planted by our beneficiaries. These relationships allow our aid to be progressive. Our mentors commit to being with their mentees for the whole time they are in a Krochet Kids program and therefore are deeply involved in each individual’s process of leaving poverty. See more of our LEGACY series highlighting the last ten years of our work below!


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