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Out of the Office, Into the Compound

Learning to Live With a Purpose A unique aspect of the Krochet Kids intl. model is the relational investment poured into each of the ladies. Apart from having a mentor, each lady participates in classes teaching them about business, looming specificities, and that their futures have potential. Over a four week period, the ladies of Krochet Kids Peru shared in a special program segment intended to instill self-worth, the idea of growth and personal potential, and life purpose into the hearts and minds of its participants. The ladies gathered in a home living room below headquarters to hear a speaker and discuss the subject matter. For many, this was the first time hearing that they could choose a lifestyle of empowerment and independence. They learned that through the income they received at Krochet Kids, they have the ability to change their future and the futures of their children. The women are now starting to plan for their futures, they understand that their lives have purpose, and they now have the tools to change what it looks like.


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