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Laying a Foundation - Akullu Winny

Akullu Winny is a striking model for the power of a consistent income in the developing world and the selfless ambition individuals have to not only improve their own circumstances, but to also lift up those around them. When Winny first moved to Gulu to take care of her sick mother, she began selling sweet potatoes in the market, however, it was not nearly enough to support the family. Since starting as a crocheter at KKU she has not only helped pay for her younger sister to attend University, and nearly accomplish her bachelor's degree in procurement and logistics, but has also saved diligently to begin her own business. She recently opened a small business selling clothes and is giving work to her mother, as well as her sister during breaks from school. They hope to continue to grow this endeavor.
Ultimately, Winny hopes to remain diligent in her savings through the KKU SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative) in order to build a permanent house for her entire family. She says she has even started laying the bricks for its foundation, and what beautiful picture this is both figuratively and literally. Laying a foundation...
** This report was gathered by Winny's mentor Irene (pictured on the left in the picture above) during a home visit. The KKU mentors each have 20 beneficiaries that they invest in and follow up with regularly. They do home visits to ladies' homes every week. **


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