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KKi x Volcom - FALL 2011

We are excited to OFFICIALLY announce our collaboration with Volcom for FALL 2011. We have created a limited collection of headwear from Uganda - 2 guys hats and 2 girls hats - and they have produced co-branded t-shirts as a part of their "Give Back Series". This partnership has been in the works for over a year now and it has been fun to truly collaborate with the Volcom team. We have learned so much from their wealth of knowledge and experience. And we've been able to impart our understanding of our programs and the idea of true empowerment. So fun. We'll be sure to continue to share more about the collaboration in the weeks to come, but for now enjoy this video and share it with everyone you know. OUR OFFICIAL 'KKi x VOLCOM' PAGE - Kohl P.S. Hats are available now (even though it's called Fall). FIND THE MEN'S HATS HERE


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