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Jimmy Marble for Krochet Kids intl.

JM_Header_01 We're super excited to announce our collaboration with LA-based photographer, director, and all-around awesome guy, Jimmy Marble. Ever the creative, Jimmy took his personal penchant for the slightly off-kilter and ran with it. He took to the streets of Los Angeles armed only with his camera, a large plexiglass disc, and the most insanely awesome imagination. What came of it was pure guerrilla photography complete with some of our favorite stills of our SUMMER 2014 product. See below! We also asked him some questions about himself and this photo series.
jimmy marble krochet kids jimmy marble krochet kids Tell us about yourself. Who is Jimmy Marble? What do you do? "I'm an artist living in Los Angeles, CA. I direct videos, take photos, and do design. I try to make my work very pop. It's colorful, and walks a fine line between irony and sincerity." What three words best describe you? "Excited. Curious. Friend." What inspires you? "Art history inspires me a lot. And so do my friends. My friends are all artists, and they all work really hard all the time. Seeing their work ethics and the stuff they create is inspiring almost every single day." jimmy marbles krochet kids krochet kids intl. jimmy marble krochet kids intl. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? "I was talking to my grandpa once about how hard work can be, and how it's hard to stay positive all the time. And he told me (he's an old sailor) that when you're out at sea, and the waves are giant, you can't always tell where you're going, but you just have to have faith that your bow is pointed in the right direction, and do everything you can to stay your course. I think about that every time things seem difficult." What do you love about living in LA? "The bike rides, the colors, and the people." Tell us about the recent photo shoot you did with our SUMMER 2014 collection. What were you hoping to capture? "I wanted to make a set of images that show young people in unusual/intriguing situations. I am fascinated by the 'lifestyle' brand of commercial photography, and have been trying to play with it lately. I like creating situations that look like normal lifestyle shoots, and then doing one or two things that makes the images surreal, or unnatural."
Jimmy Marble Krochet Kids intl. GIF Jimmy Marble Krochet Kids intl. GIF KKi x JM GIF 3 KKi x JM GIF 5
krochet kids intl. krochet kids intl. What’s your favorite KKi product? "I'm a sucker for the tank tops with breast pockets. I stuff everything into my breast pockets, so it's nice to see that is available to me in a tank top." (Shop 'the Pocket Tank') What’s your definition of empowerment? "Being empowered is being able to fulfill an idea in your head." Thanks, Jimmy!
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