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Introducing KKU Group 3

The ladies of Group 3 have grown close to one another in ways that we could never have expected. After many of their family members were taken by the war, these women had no greater desire than to express and feel love and that is exactly what they are doing within the Krochet Kids Uganda community. From encouraging one another to making each other laugh, these women have created relationships that will last long after their time in the program ends. Acan Grace, Adokorach Proscovia, Ajok Monica, Akello Vicky, Aloyo Lilly Grace, Anita Openy, Apiyo Margret, Auma Sunday, Ayerwot Christine, Laker Florence, Lamaro Faith, Lamunu Grace, Lanyero Grace, Onen Irene, Oyella Santa Vicky, Piloya Vicky


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