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Introducing KKU Group 2

The ladies of group two experienced more than their share of hardships before coming to KKU. Many are young mothers, orphans and widows but you would never guess it from the overwhelming joy and love they show. Their hut constantly rings with songs and prayers as the crocheters challenge each other to complete the highest quality hats in the shortest amount of time. They are fearless and carefree, but make no mistake: group 2 means business. Acan Jennifer, Aciro Rose, Adong Ester, Adong Jackline Ajok Grace, Akello Agnes, Akello Florence, Akwero Jennifer Akweyo Irene, Amarorwot Monica, Anek Zipola, Akwero Agnes Arach Mary, Lamunu Kevin, Lamwaka Eunice, Ober Florence


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