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Introducing KKU Group 1

With all the new ladies we've welcomed into the KKU program in the last few months, we're excited to share all of their stories and photos with you. In order to give each lady the attention that she deserves, we'll be releasing them in groups (actually, by the huts they work in at the compound) over the next few weeks. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Group 1: Of the five groups, Group 1 has the greatest population of original crocheters, but also includes many women who are brand new to the program. You can feel the joy in Hut 1 long before you walk in as the harmonic chatter of laughter, stories and singing floats across the compound. It's hard to believe that, just weeks or years ago these women were living in conditions most of us will never even see with our own eyes. Read their stories to see how much their lives have changed since they began crocheting at KKU and how your purchases are helping them achieve their dreams for the future. Acaa Margret, Adoch Monica, Adoch Vicky, Adong Agnes Akello Mary, Akullu Winny, Alimo Winny, Angee Florence Awoto Margret, Lamaro Pamela, Lamwaka Betty, Lapolo Irene Ocira Cindrella, Ogenrwot Brenda, Oyella Monica, Piloya Jennifer


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