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Intern Takeover!

Kohl and Nic will be in Uganda with our ‘Give the Gift of Love’ winners for the next couple of weeks, which means… guess who’s in charge? The interns. So, Chloe and I (Emilee) decided we would host a contest for you guys. Fun right? Here’s how it’s going to work:
  1. ‘Like’ our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter
  2. Tag or mention Krochet Kids int. in a picture where you’re rocking your KKi gear
  3. We, the interns of Krochet Kids Int. will choose the picture we think is the best
  4. The winner will get some awesome prizes (beanie/tank top anyone?)
This is going to be a super fun way to show off how you’re enjoying your Summer with KKi. We can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity! The contest is going to be through Wednesday July 20, so get those pictures up!


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