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Intern Perspective: Our Impact

social enterprise krochet kids intl. We love having new groups of interns come through our doors at Krochet Kids intl. HQ. We always take the first few days to engulf them in the work we are doing and what our mission truly means to us. Many of them have their own ideas of what a social enterprise is or how a non-profit operates, but we get to help paint the picture of the impact our unique approach has on the communities we work in. Here are some thoughts from one of our interns after orientation...

“We Really Know What Our Impact Is”

by Kelly Newburg, social media/communications intern I have known for a few years now Krochet Kids intl. is working to empower people to rise above poverty through employment opportunities. However, what I didn’t know was the depth of it all. It’s more than your typical social enterprise giving women in Uganda and Peru jobs; it’s about giving them the knowledge and encouragement to move their lives and the lives of their families forward. It starts with jobs, but that’s only the beginning. I’m one of those people addicted to making a difference so having the opportunity to intern with Krochet Kids intl. was very exciting for me. I knew it was a great organization, but I quickly learned KKi was making a deeper impact than I thought. Through jobs, education, and training, women in Uganda and Peru are earning an income, learning how to manage their money, being taught the importance of health and much more. When combined, this translates into an improved and stable lifestyle for the women and their families. But there was more. On my first day, Adam Thomson, director of international programs, painted a vivid picture for me when he said, “We really know what our impact is.” Adam explained that through the in-country mentors, information is gathered monthly on the progress of the women. This information is used to determine how the women’s lives are being impacted and areas of the program that can be improved. Based on information from the mentors, the following has occurred through Krochet Kids intl.:
  • Women earn 2.5x their previous salary
  • Women multiple their savings by 10x
  • Over half the women start their own businesses
  • Children are 2x more likely to attend elementary school
  • Children are 5x more likely to attend high school
  • Women use clean water and sanitation facilities more often
  • Families in Uganda are 2x more likely to sleep under bed nets during high-risk seasons
  • Women are less likely to be emotionally and/or physically abused
Through this, I fully grasped what KKi’s impact is, and I love it. Women aren’t just getting a job, they’re getting a new way of life. Now when I see, “Buy a hat. Change a life.” I know without a doubt lives truly are being changed.


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