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Inside Look #2: Annual Report 2010

The heart of our work - our development programs in Uganda - sit at the heart of our annual report. As a reminder to everyone, our mission statement is to empower people to rise above poverty. Our approach to accomplishing this goal has three main steps, which are EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION, and MENTORSHIP. Here is a portion of the annual report from our Director of International Development Adam: "A good income is clearly a solution to poverty for the present, but to end the cycle of dependence we have to be concerned with the future also. For us that means looking beyond the days of Krochet Kids and into the future livelihoods of our crocheters and their families. The real goal of our program isn't just to provide jobs for right now; it is to assist women in their pursuit to reach self-reliance. Boiled down this means being involved in income-generating activities that they ultimately have control over." CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTIRE 2010 ANNUAL REPORT


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