Inside Look #1: Annual Report 2010

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We have officially released our annual report for 2010! More than it's aesthetic appeal (thanks Brad!) we are excited about what it represents... transparency. From the early stages of our organization we have wanted to showcase the impact that is made possible by YOU. If you have at some point purchased a hat, t-shirt, or even made a donation toward our work you have played a vital roll in impacting the lives of women and communities in Northern Uganda. Here is an excerpt from the introductory letter of our CEO Kohl: "Since we set out on this path 3 years ago we have consistently been exploring uncharted territories and pushing the limits of what it means to do great business while loving those in need. Along the way we have gathered sound experience, trusted friends, and strategic collaborations to add to our arsenal of tools that allow us to effectively empower women and communities within developing nations. Step-by-step we advance, with our eyes fixed on pioneering a new model for business." CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTIRE 2010 ANNUAL REPORT
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