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Holiday 2013 Staff Picks: Men

holiday 2013 staff picks

Our Holiday 2013 Staff Picks

We are surrounded by product (literally) and are handling it everyday shipping your orders or planning for future seasons. We surveyed all of the men on staff to give you an inside perspective on what some of our current favorite items are from our HOLIDAY 2013 collection. As you can see below, the men of our office are clearly gravitating toward our new bag collection as well as our knit pocket apparel. The cuffed beanies are a clear favorite as well, with 'the Odin' being a new cable-knit addition to the collection. Neutral colors are winners and will be timeless throughout the seasons.
Pike-Wblackstripe_Flat Pocket-Sweater-GreyNavy_Flat Holiday 2013 Staff Picks Davey-Inca_Flat Lincoln-NavyStripe_Flat Odin-Barn_Flat Watchmen-Grey_Flat Holiday 2013 Staff Picks


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