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Honoring Mothers


Celebrating Mother's Day

Every day is "Take Your Child to Work Day" at our empowerment projects in Uganda and Peru. Over 93% of the women we employ are mothers, and we build childcare into our program. We intentionally designed our program to foster the children's development through socialization and play, and the ladies we work alongside to know their children are being cared for while they work. With every product you purchase, you can know that you are not only supporting the women we employ, but their families and children as well. In honor of Mother's Day, we are sharing some of the hopes and dreams our beneficiaries carry for their children.
APIYO NIGHTY: "I dream to go back to school and continue with my education through adult learning. I also want to educate my child and other dependents in school.”
SOFIA BERROCAL: "I want to see my daughter grow into a happy young woman."
OWILLI DORINE: “I dream of sending my younger siblings and children to school so that they can have the best education and have bright futures."
ROSA BARAHONA: "I want to celebrate life. I want him to feel loved every day."
AKELLO WELSY: "I dream of starting my own business so that I can buy a plot of land and build a home for my family that will protect them even after I am gone.”
EVA ALVAREZ: "I...want my daughter to become a professional and for my kids to grow up into responsible adults."


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