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These people won a trip to meet the ladies in Uganda!

(Check out Kimmy's reaction to hearing she won!) Give the Gift of LOVE proved to be a HUGE success thanks to the support provided by all of you. As promised, we selected 3 people to win a trip to Uganda to meet the ladies that are behind all Krochet Kids international products. This summer these people will spend a week in East Africa with getting to know the lady that made their hat as well as experiencing some of the amazing landscape that Uganda has to offer. Oh yeah, and they will also be white water rafting the Nile River.

The 3 winners are...

the person selected that ordered over $75 during the 12 Days of GIVING (Dec. 6-17th)

Kim Lazaretto

the person who participated in Give the Gift of LOVE (1 raffle ticket for 25 hats sold)

Kimmy Shields

the person(s) who sold the most hats (w/ 676 hats during the month of December)

Rachel Ryan Jensen & Brooke Brown *while only one person wins the trip, this was clearly an amazing team effort Woooo hoooo! There will be more info on this trip as it continues to unfold...


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