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GtGoL: 3 ways to win a trip to Uganda

In case you missed it, we want to send you to Uganda. During the summer of 2011 we are sending a select group of individuals to Uganda in order to do in actuality what most of us only have the opportunity to do via the internet... meet the lady who made their hat. There are a total of 3 trips that will be awarded during the Give the Gift of LOVE campaign this December. We wanted to bring you up to speed on how you can win...

1) You can sell the most hats.

After you sign up to participate in Give the Gift of LOVE you will not only be sent a holiday party toolkit (complete with hats to sell, info cards, and other goodies), but you will also get a unique promo code for your friends to make online purchases. We will track your sales during the month of December and the highest salesperson will win the first trip to Uganda!

2) You can be entered into an epic raffle.

Also for those who participate in Give the Gift of LOVE we will be doing drawing. How do I get my name entered, you might ask? Here's how... for every 25 items you sell you will get a raffle ticket entered into the drawing. During the second week of January we will draw the name of the second winner!

3) You can stay tuned for more information.

We will be releasing a third way for you to win a trip to Uganda after Thanksgiving. But we can't tell you yet.... That being said, by joining us this holiday season you are not only helping us Give the Gift of LOVE to Northern Uganda, but may find yourself on a trip to meet those very ladies that you are supporting. Our goal is to get to 100 different participants across the nation to help us sell 10,000 hats during the month of December. We currently have 70! Join us by clicking the image below and signing up to host an event or get an online promo code.


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