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We are continually encouraged by those of you who have purchased a hat and taken the extra step to revisit our website and thank the lady that made it. Your words of encouragement help boost the confidence these ladies have in their current capabilities and spurs them on toward accomplishing their future dreams. In this way you are playing an important role in the empowerment of the beneficiaries we work with around the globe. And for that WE are thankful. Get to know the story of the person who made your hat and share about it with your friends and family this holiday season. Help people to realize there are simple and tangible ways to start making a difference right now. For as we always say you can "Buy a hat. Change a life."
Belen, I can’t thank you enough for my lovely hat! I feel comforted every single time I put it on. It keeps me so warm and cozy in harsh Kansas winds. I can really tell that it was made with care and love. Again, thank you so, so, so much! xx Sarah Akello Florence, Thank you so much! I just bought my hat today and I love it so much. I live in Oregon, USA and it’s freezing cold here and I look forward to wearing your hat as soon as I can. Your story is inspiring, your achievements are admirable, and your work is wonderful. I’m proud to be wearing the product of a strong beautiful woman. Love, Allison Ana, Thank you for the hat you made. I know it takes much dedication and time to make one! I wear it all the time, and it makes me happy knowing that it was made by an amazing woman, working to provide for her family. I hope and pray that you will be able to purchase your own home soon and be able to give your children an education. Don’t give up hope! Thank you Aciro Betty. My hat is absolutely fabulous and I receive many compliments, even from strangers. I love the color, fit and style. It’s perfect in its look and function because it has kept my head warm so far this winter in New England. I am now a big fan of yours. Please continue to do the great work you do and continue to follow your dreams. p.s. i read your bio to my 10 year old daughter and she thinks you are pretty. Thank you. - Suzanne Oyella Santa Vicky, I really love my new red Betty hat. It is made so beautifully! I hope you and your family are doing well. Im so happy that i can help you to get a little closer to getting you that land and your house. Thank you and much love! <3 -Lauren dear margaret okullu, thank you so much for the amazingly gorgeous hat you made! i love love love love it. i pray that you and your family are doing well and all your wishes come true! you are amazing at crocheting! i really hope that your dreams come true! thank you again for the beautiful hat! -Gwyn


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