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Give the Gift of LOVE- nationwide!

Give the Gift of LOVE is in full steam, and folks around the country have been blowing us away with their incredible ideas to give LOVE this holiday season. So, in the spirit of the holidays, we've decided to share a few of these with you! -In Spokane, WA, Alyson Galow is having a Give the Gift of LOVE party for her 12th birthday, asking guests to support women in Northern Uganda instead of giving "presents I don't need." -In Newport Beach, CA, Pirate Coast Paddle Company (pictured) is hosting a special night paddleboard event to Give the Gift of LOVE, with each participant receiving a hat with their admission cost. -In Jacksonville, FL, Rachel Ryan and Brooke Brown have been hosting events nonstop, even bringing Give the Gift of Love to an upcoming Black Keys concert. These girls are selling their hearts out in hopes of winning the trip to Uganda. -In Boston, MA, Isabel Thottam is mobilizing her friends at Berklee School of Music to bring some great acts to her holiday parties at Emerson College. All in all, over 100 of YOU are now hosting parties, spreading your promo code online and joining with us to sell 10,000 hats this month. Thank you! Let's keep charging to Give the Gift of LOVE!!


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