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First Look: Natural By KNOWN SUPPLY

A Collection Made with KNOWN SUPPLY

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek at our upcoming collection that’s nothing short of revolutionary. It represents our next steps as a brand, and we’re excited to give you this first look before it officially launches next week for a few reasons. First, it’s our premiere collection made in partnership with KNOWN SUPPLY. In fall of last year, we introduced KNOWN SUPPLY as a brand new apparel platform that is working to humanize the fashion industry by connecting people like you to the person behind the products you love. While KNOWN SUPPLY started with essential basics like tank tops and tees, we worked alongside them to create a women’s exclusive collection that pairs unique silhouettes and timeless design with our shared mission of making the process behind creating clothing more human. The benefit of operating alongside KNOWN SUPPLY is that we will get to offer some of their latest innovations and launch new styles right here at Krochet Kids intl., giving you more even more ways to shop and wear in a way that aligns with your values. Second, the collection is entirely made from 100% organic cotton sourced locally within our community in Peru. That means it not only looks and feels good, but it’s our way of remaining committed to reducing our environmental impact and investing in our local economy. For us, creating products from organic materials represents a cultivating a positive impact at every stage in our production - starting at the resources and ending with the people who sign the products you wear and love. Lastly, this collection is one of our most accessible yet. You can shop the new styles here on Krochet Kids intl. and Whole Foods stores nationwide (find a store near you here!). We are excited to bring this milestone collection that marries affordability and ethical standards to consumers across the country and share our mission with even more customers looking to make better choices. Ethically produced, constructed from organic materials, at an affordable price - now that is revolutionary. Stay tuned for these styles to launch beginning next week! Want to be the first to know about new releases and updates? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter here. We'll make sure you never miss a thing.


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