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FIRST LOOK: Cut and Sew Program @ KKPeru

Cut-Sew_Edits-45 It Keeps Getting Better We are excited to officially announce our newest initiative taking place at Krochet Kids Peru! Our Cut and Sew initiative allows us to expand our impact through the creation of all-new product categories. Everything from our graphic t-shirts to our travel bags and tech cases are being made at our empowerment project in Peru. By expanding the number of products we produce we are able to create more jobs, which ultimately provides more opportunities for impoverished communities. The Cut and Sew program is yet another way in which we are able to see Krochet Kids intl. continue to evolve. We are constantly working to develop innovative ways to take our products and mission to the next level and are excited to watch as this initiative helps us empower people to rise above poverty. Another great aspect of the Cut and Sew program is its individual touch! We believe it is important to know where your clothes are coming from and are working to help provide transparency to the act of buying clothes. Every product made through the Cut and Sew program includes a hand-signed label of the beneficiary who made it for you. In this way, we're bridging the gap by providing you with the opportunity to know who made your product and learn more about this person by viewing her online profile.
Oh and BTW, thank YOU for making this happen by voting for us to win a $500,000 grant from the American Giving Awards last December!!!!


Krochet Kids intl. Cut & Sew tour


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