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Fashion Revolution Week is Here!

Fashion Revolution Week Begins Today

Challenge yourself to answer this one simple question: "Who made my clothes?" Every year Fashion Revolution works to raise awareness surrounding substandard working conditions in the fashion industry.

Born in 2013 after the tragic Bangadelsh factory collapse that killed 1,138 people and injured many more, Fashion Revolution is creating a movement of people cultivating a new future for the global apparel industry. By turning to the brands you love and asking them "Who made my clothes?" you are not only holding them accountable, but you are taking a stand for better working conditions throughout the supply chain.

Through this conversation and questioning, Fashion Revolution is equipping consumers to shop in ways that align with their values. This topic is something that is very special to us. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect you with the person that made your product. No product is complete without the signature of the lady who made it, and you can learn her story and share a message of gratitude on her profile page.

Like Fashion Revolution, we believe that clothing can and should be made in a way that honors the people and the process behind every product, and furthermore, empowers people to rise above poverty. With every KK intl. product, you will have an answer to Fashion Revolution's question of "Who made my clothes"?

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