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Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion Revolution Day Krochet Kids intl.

Planning a More Sustainable Future

There is a movement stirring. It's no secret that the production of our clothing, as well as the obsession with the least expensive and newest fashion, has caused great pressure to be placed on the communities that make our wears. The collapsing of factories and stories of unfair labor practices exist on our news feeds and are causing us to question... is there a better way? We at Krochet Kids intl. have sought to provide an alternative way of approaching our relationship with our clothing since day one by asking the question what if you could not only know where your clothes came from, but also know who made it and how their life is being positively impacted? What if a job in making apparel and accessories could be one of the foundational building blocks to equipping people to break the cycle of poverty? As it turns out, we're not the only ones asking these questions... We recently learned about Fashion Revolution Day (it's TODAY!) and the growing contingent of people seeking an industry-wide transformation for apparel manufacturers toward a more sustainable future. They are asking people to...
    1) Be curious. Think about why this matters to you. 2) Find out. Learn where your clothing is made. 3) Do something. Share a photo of you wearing you clothes with labels out and tag #insideout.
The best part is that if you are already a Krochet Kids intl. supported you are way ahead of the game. You know the impact you can have on an individual through your purchases and you can know who made your product.
TODAY: post a photo of your tag on your KKi product and tag #knowwhomadeit and #insideout. - - - LEARN MORE ABOUT FASHION REVOLUTION DAY - - - #knowwhomadeit Fashion Revolution Day Krochet Kids intl.


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