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Farming: A Rhythm of Life

IMG_1492 Farming is a way of life in Uganda. Families have worked the land and harvested the literal fruits of their labor for millennia. The rhythms of farming are very much ingrained in the rhythms of Ugandan lives. That all changed though when the war broke out in Northern Uganda. Knowledge that had been passed down through generations was threatened as people were forced to leave their crops and flee to internal displacement camps. The rebels burned the crops, the land went feral, and a new generation grew up far away from their traditional livelihoods. With the recent end of the war in Uganda, people are once again working the land. A season of relative peace has made farming skills as relevant as ever. This is especially true for the vulnerable women and families we work with in the region. We estimate that 50-60% of the women who graduate from Krochet Kids Uganda will start agriculture businesses after they leave, and 80-90% will do some type of farming to supplement their income or food budget. Most of us who don't take a pick and shovel to work every day don't realize that farming is so much more than planting a seed in the ground and watching it grow. It’s a complex and rigorous process that requires much know-how, especially for those who plan on earning an income from it. Last month, we ventured into a training series that prepares the women for a future of farming in whatever capacity they plan on. We invited our local government partner, the District Agriculture Office, to impart their vast knowledge on the women. Below are a few photos from the day. IMG_5581 IMG_4738 IMG_4741 IMG_2327 IMG_2335


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