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Journey of 'the Becks'

ethical fashion


Every product has a very unique and special journey before it arrives packaged neatly on your doorstep. 'the Becks' is one of our most-loved products, being a favorite among supporters since we first introduced it in Spring 2013. From raw materials to finished product, we wanted to show you how this beanie is created and how these products positively impact those in our program. ethical fashion Meet Lamwaka Harriet. Before joining KK Uganda, she struggled to make ends meet by knitting sweaters for local schools and businesses. She loved the work she was doing, but was unable to provide a consistent and livable income for herself and her family and has plans to buy a knitting machine of her own to pursue her own business creating and selling clothing. She hones her skills creating products like 'the Becks' while continuing her education through speciailized training sessions and developing via one-on-one mentorship. She is just one example of the capable women in our program. ethical fashion ethical fashion ethical fashion Because great products begin with great materials, we start with high-quality yarn that is carefully threaded through a hand-powered knitting machine. Each woman is specially trained and approach these machines with a high level of expertise and skill to ensure a quality product. ethical fashion ethical fashion ethical fashion Each panel is knit using alternating thread to create the intricate pattern of 'the Becks'. These panels are seamed by hand, and one finishing touch is adding the pom to the top. Each pom is individually made from extra soft yarn and added after the hat is complete. From start to finish, 'the Becks' is entirely and solely created by one individual woman, the woman who signs the label. This approach to ethical fashion allows you to connect with the person who made your product. ethical fashion ethical fashion ethical fashion No product is complete without the signature of the woman who made it. This signature is a symbol of pride for her and an indicator of the job, mentorship, and education she is receiving while in our program. She is on a path to empowerment, and you can always wear 'the Becks' or any KK intl. item knowing that your purchase facilitates this. Take pride in what you wear. ethical fashion ethical fashion
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