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Day 8 - Newsletters are FUN!

(December Newsletter) There are only 5 days left in the 12 DAYS of GIVING, which means there is only 5 days to order over $75 online and be entered to win a trip to Uganda. Don't wait! As a part of Day 8, we decided to run another contest because we figured the only thing better than getting some sort of discount on your gifts for friends is WINNING them. So here is the deal with today's contest: - Sign up to receive our newsletter below. - This week we will send out a new email and those who signed up today will be eligible to win 1 of 3 prizes. (the limited ed. LOVE tee, the Burnt Rainbow WALDO, the Christoph in Cream) - Open that newsletter and see if you are the lucky winner! Why are newsletters are awesome... 1) You get product and promotional information before anyone else. 2) It's delivered right to your inbox. 3) You like Krochet Kids intl.
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