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Day 12 - Give more LOVE

First of all, we must say thank you to everybody who has been following along in these last 12 days. Prizes have been won, Christmas presents have been purchased, but most of all we must realize the reason for all of this. Through your support we are continuing to provide empowerment to a group of 87 ladies in Northern Uganda through employment and education. Awesome. But on this 12th and final day of GIVING we wanted to give even more! With any purchase of a hat, scarf, laptop case, shirt, or hoodie today through Sunday we will be giving away a hat to people living in homelessness in Seattle. Our giving partner in this endeavor is Operation Nightwatch, who has been working with the homeless population in Seattle for over 30 years. Why Seattle? Because it's much colder than Southern California. Buy a hat. Give a hat. Change a life.

*REMINDER* Today is the last day to order over $75 online and be entered to win a trip to Uganda.


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