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Day 10 - Mystery Bag ($15)

We only have 3 more days of GIVING left. Ahhhhh! Don't worry though, the next few days will blow your mind. Today, we are offering a $15 mystery bag. Here is a hypothetical conversation that would happen between us after you hear today's news... YOU: What is in this mystery bag? KKi: We're not going to tell you. YOU: Why not? KKi: Because that's not fun. YOU: You're right. KKi: It will be at least 2 items... products, stickers, or even the extension piece to our shop vac. Who knows? CLICK HERE TO BUY THE MYSTERY BAG Thanks for all your support throughout this holiday season! The hat counter is rising and we are getting closer to our goal of 10,000 hats sold... only because of YOU! CATCH UP ON THE REST OF 12 DAYS OF GIVING HERE


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