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Products Made by People We go through life seldom knowing where the products we use come from or the people that are behind the process of building them. We have become disengaged and disconnected from how things get to our door, on our shelves, or in our hands. We at Krochet Kids intl. are excited to be a part of a movement that places the emphasis back on people. Each one of our hats and accessories is produced by a person, and carries with it the hand-signature of its creator. In this way, YOU get to know the unique story of the person who made your hat and the goals she is striving for. In purchasing Krochet Kids intl. products you are choosing to place importance on not only your personal style, but the hands that are behind it. There are universal truths that connect us all as people on this planet... our families, our smiles, and our DREAMS to name a few. Buy a hat and #CHOOSEPEOPLE this season. This week we will be diving further into this aspect of our work. Also, follow our all-new Pinterest account to see more of the faces behind Krochet Kids intl. products.


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