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Learn. Grow. Repeat. When we started Krochet Kids intl. we knew from the very beginning that we had a lot to learn. Part of the reason was that we were young, but the other part was that the goals we were hoping to reach and the impact we wanted to have was going to require innovative thinking. The challenge with being an innovator in the social enterprise space is that there is no road map or guide to how it is done best. Ultimately, it has helped us to remain humble and continue to learn and grow with each new step. This week we are deciding to #CHOOSEAUTHENTICITY and to invite you into some of the joys and challenges of or work, as well as what we are learning. We hope that you check out our question of the week and ask us questions that you have, so we can keep this dialogue going. Because we believe it is through learning from one another and working together that our world will begin to change.


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