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#CHOICES Campaign Page

The #CHOICES campaign has launched and we are so excited to see how people are responding. We want to give you all an in-depth look at what this eight week campaign is all about and what you can expect the next few weeks! We've added a #CHOICES page so you can keep up to date! Our new page is all about what your are choosing when you invest in a Krochet Kids intl. product. Each week we will be focusing on a new 'choice' and adding a section on the page so you can learn more and get involved! If you miss a week you can also check out the page to get caught up on past weeks #CHOICES. This week check out the #CHOICES page to respond to this weeks question of the week and read about upcoming events and news. And don't forget to follow the campaign: Pinterest: krochetkids Facebook: Twitter: @krochetkids Instagram: @krochetkids


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