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"Change" - a poem

Inside various products from this HOLIDAY 2011 collection (like 'the Toob'), and collections to come, you will find a poem printed on the label that the ladies sign. This was written by our designer Brad (he has a blog called Old Friend Fox in case you want to follow along). Here's what it says... Change In the modern day, the word itself has become victim to its own definition. Becoming the start to a broken promise and the seed to its infliction. As a generation we've been given ingredients to stir change. Thousands of years of inspiration and infinite ways to complain. We are young, so let us act young. Restless in our comfort. We are the future of change. The past's and the present's discomfort. Speak softly. Act loud. Let us be honest in what we say. Be steadfast and quiet in our triumphs, but courageous in our dismay. Let's promise to raise change with the curiosity of a child. Questions. Questions. Questions. Never to be satisfied with the mild. Act without want, without pride, and without glory. It's us and only us, that write the next chapter in our story.


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