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New Crochet Product: 'the Burger'

New Crochet Product: 'the Burger'

New Crochet Product: Change Has Never Looked This Delicious We could be wrong here, but we'd venture to say that our products have never been described as looking 'delicious'. That has now changed with the release of our brand new product - 'the Burger'. This delectable accessory is hand-crocheted and comes with all the fixings: onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and (of course) a sesame seed bun. Never has a hamburger done so much for humankind. Instead of weighing you down like its edible brethren, this burger represents empowerment and allows you to show it in seven layers. With your encouragement, we hope that this is only the beginning of an all new product category for KKi. If so, what would be the next food you'd like to see us make?
* * * APRIL FOOL'S! * * *
Krochet Kids intl. the Burger crocheted


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